Marketing During The Holidays To A Culturally Diverse Audience

Not so long ago, you could usually guess what holidays were celebrated when by the vast majority of people living in any given location. Now, thanks to globalization and the intermingling of cultural and social identities, people are blessed with the opportunity to meet and learn about different cultures, different countries, and different customs than the ones they are familiar with. That being said, interacting and connecting with different people can have its difficulties; connecting with an audience in a meaningful way has to include understanding its nuances and tones in a sensitive way. Being able to bridge this gap can make newfound markets available to you in a way that just isn’t plausible without it. Make your content feel local and natural to your target audience, and they will be much more receptive to it.

The goal of reaching a culturally diverse audience is a great one, especially because it reflects that your business respects and values differences among people. Marketing to a culturally diverse audience can open both your business and your potential customers to new ideas and perspectives, so it’s a great opportunity all around! Holidays in particular are a great time to explore this diversity, in part because holidays often showcase what particular groups of people highly value and find worthy of celebration.

Not everyone has the same holidays

“The holidays” can mean radically different things to different people. Springtime is a hugely important holiday time for many places around the world, and yet is not the main holiday season in North America. Even within a single country, there can be extremely varied cultures and sub-cultures, many of which end up intermingling their holidays. Get to know the dates and names of what holidays your target audience celebrate, and be sensitive to whether or not these holidays include festivities, serious reflection, or a combination of the two.

Climate and atmosphere matter

In terms of the North American holiday season, there are also many variations on what that means for people here. Some people do not celebrate Christmas, and yet enjoy the holiday season as a time to connect with family and friends while taking a vacation from work. Some people see Christmas as a completely secular event, while others see the holidays as a deeply religious time and focus on spiritualism rather than consumerism. Yet another group may see the holidays as nothing special in particular. Find out if your target audience is a mix of these kinds of views, and whether or not certain images will resonate with them specifically.

A snowy, white Christmas may feel familiar and exciting for some people, but for others it will feel alienating because their locale may not get snow at Christmas time. Similarly, depicting a large shopping mall or bustling metropolis may feel disconnected when reaching out to smaller, more rural communities. Multiculturalism or ethnic backgrounds can also play a significant role.

Choose how broad you want your target audience to be

If you want to reach out to a very narrowly-focused audience, then choosing specific references and tones that resonate exclusively with that audience will be a good idea. However, a lot of marketing strategies aim for a wider range for their target audience, in which case generalizations may work better. Alternatively, acknowledging differences by stating that you are aware of them (or by mixing different cultural norms together in a single photo or article) can position you as being more in touch with locals.

Make the most of the holiday season

Don’t give up the opportunity to connect with a culturally diverse audience, especially during the holidays. Contact MaxiMax Marketing and Design to see if we can help you expand your marketing audience; we can be reached by phone at (778) 889-8489, and by email at [email protected]

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