Inbound Marketing Will Save You Money

It’s not hard to see the internet as a two way street, you engage with people and they respond like a conversation. Traditional methods of marketing are rarely effective on the internet. I used to be a crackerjack marketing guy a few years ago, I used to be a lot of things a few years ago, but in today’s fast and immediate internet world traditional marketing is out the window.

We call the marketing landscape one of two things, Inbound (pull) or Outbound (Push) marketing. You be the judge of what would be more effective for your business.

Inbound Marketing or Pull Marketing

• customers are interactive between you and them
• marketers provide more benefits and value to the prospective customer because there is so much free stuff out there on the net. They almost need to keep people engaged, educated and entertained
• prospective customers come to you through referrals, affiliates and search engines

Outbound Marketing or Push Marketing
• communication is pushed upon your prospective customer
• you give them an ad or a brochure but there is little of value coming from you just the hope people will buy from you.
• You don’t educate, engage or entertain people

Those poor Out-bounders are facing some tough statistics. Hundreds of millions of people in Canada and the US have registered their phone numbers on a ‘Do Not Call’ list, people turn off and go fix a snack when TV ads come on their favorite TV show, half of all direct mail that comes to your home is unopened, and people finding ads coming up on their favorite website actually opt-out once the ads come up. (Watch out Facebook)

Ten years ago I told my clients that marketing as we know it would be gone in 2 years. I dare say I was right. Who has a Yellow Page ad, a printed brochure or a flyer? We now have QR codes on the back of a business card pulling us to a hot website or pdf of a brochure, because the old ways of getting your attention is gone. Mind you I have a plumber friend who pays $9000 a month for a double page Yellow Page ad, pays $4000/month for a TV spot and has trucks loaded with advertising. He won’t change because these tools have been in place so long people actually find it a convenient way to find his services.

Enter Maximax into my life!

When it comes to inbound marketers the people at Maximax know how it works, how to find customers and manage how your company deals with them.

After speaking to the CEO I was invited to their centrally located offices and introduced to the Creative Director. Coffee or tea and the meeting was cordial, informative and exciting. Exciting? Yes, I felt like they understood my issues, they asked questions before I could think of them and they knew better than I did what would work from a marketing angle. Professionals within 5 minutes of my office are hard to beat. I could call them up when I had a question, go over content creation online together and I knew if I had to rely on them they would be there for me.

Inbound Marketers base their success on loyalty and do so after gaining your trust. I collect emails as an opt-in practice by giving people a free eBook about Social Media Networking, having over 500,000 followers on Twitter I know a little about that. Now mix in videos (which any fool can make and edit in minutes on their netbook), blogs, podcasts, infographics and white papers and everyone has become an expert in a given field (read Millionaire Messenger by Brendan Burchard).
It’s all about content, CRM, Social media, engagement. A real estate firm in Ontario called His Personal Best has great CRM including downloadable home buying resources, a good feel for the man behind the company and great graphics to keep you interested. Another Realtor takes a different approach to the previous one he has instructional videos on how to sell your home, select a realtor and more. Check out Glen Sheepwash’s site here.

If you give people something interesting in any of the pull marketing strategies people will be more apt to buy from you. I ran across a cool site the other day that normally doesn’t excite people, a dentist, lol. With a snappy website drawing you in, a niche market of babies first dental visit the website with it’s CRM makes a good pitch to go there. Don’t forget about all those friends and others who see your marketing piece and send it out to their associates and friends. I have well over a 9000 people following me on LinkedIn who have a combined influence over 5 million others, Twitter my influence is over 16.6 million.

Unlike Vegas where everything done in Vegas stays in Vegas everything you say and do on the internet stays on it forever so too does your marketing efforts and a good idea will go viral. I sometimes get a little overwhelmed on the internet when it comes to the newest and best marketing methods. I’d suggest to you that adding one strategy at a time and getting good at before adding another strategy might be the best way to enter social media marketing. Don’t let it intimidate you!

Written by Gary Bizzo

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